Jewelry Care



One of things things we love about brass is that over time it naturally develops a rich patina, meaning the metal darkens from its original golden state to a more deep bronze-like tone. We appreciate that the metal takes on your life, in a very literal way. It evolves as you do.

However, if you prefer to restore your brass to its original gold tone, or maintain a tone some place in between with an occasional cleaning, that is easy to do as well.

One option that involves household items is a salt and lemon juice solution. Simply combine the two, scrub it on your piece and rinse clean. Another similar option is baking soda, a bit of lemon juice and water. Scrub and rinse.

There are also several products made specifically for cleaning jewelry such brass jewelry polish, polishing pads, and polishing cloths.

Avoid storing your brass in humid areas like bathrooms, and avoid wearing in water to help minimize oxidation. And, it's a good idea to store your pieces in an airtight container when not being worn.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver can tarnish over time, but the easiest way to slow this down is by wearing it. So, wear your sterling often! Like brass, polishing it with jewelry polish or polish pads will quickly remove tarnish that develops.

Oxidized Pieces

Many of our pieces are oxidized by design when you receive them. This draws out and darkens the hammer markings. Note that this will be removed if the piece is cleaned or polished thoroughly. So, keeps this in mind if you do not want to remove the oxidation and only lightly polish the piece if and when you decide to do so.